In response to our patient questionnaire, 96% of patients rated the service as outstanding in 2018 and all would recommend us if friends or family were in a similar position. Similar high ratings were provided for each category of the questionnaire e.g. 100% responded staff helpfulness being ten out of ten  and again we received no complaints during the year.

We encourage and welcome feedback, as we are always seeking to improve the service and experience offered. When suggestions have been made e.g. more recent literature or decaffeinated coffee being available in the day case rooms, these have been swiftly actioned.

A small sample of the comments received are provided below:-

“you’re all amazing and a massive asset to the hospital”

“thank you very much for all your professionalism and empathy”

“best care ever received”

‘the only thing i found uncomfortable was the mri with the frame and further attachment it was painful and very painful pressing onto my shoulder which has left a slight bruise on my left shoulder and longer than 20 minutes. everything else was extremely smooth and the 1 and a half hour treatment went very quickly. listening to music was very helpful’

“I also feel I need to mention how they not only looked after me, the patient, but my Mum too”

“couldn’t be any better, outstanding”

“my wife and I were put at ease from the moment we arrived’

“the care given by all who were involved in the treatment was exceptional”

“the procedure was quite daunting but staff helped with any worries. The frame fitting was the most worrying part and rather painful for a while. The actual gamma knife procedure was very comfortable, hardly knew the machine was working. Four days after I still have a weird headache and feel grumpy but positive for a good outcome’

“the staffs knowledge, professionalism and caring attitude gave me great confidence in the procedure, and the overall experience was much better than expected”

“the experience exceeded my expectations, I would not change anything or anyone who attended to me that day”