Members of the Thornbury Gamma Knife team attended the 4th meeting of British Radiosurgery Society Conference 2017, held at the Examination Schools Oxford on the 28th March. The meeting was the first BRS conference following the award in April 2016 by NHS England of contracts for the provision of specialist Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery (“SRS”) and Stereotactic Radiotherapy Services (“SRT”). With 15 centres commissioned the number of patients benefiting from SRS/SRT nationally is set to increase from just over 2,400 in 2014/15 to 6,200 patients a year by 2018/9, forming a concrete step towards the implementation of NHS England’s Cancer Strategy.


The conference was chaired by Mathias Radatz, Clinical lead and Ian Paddick, Chief Physicist gave a presentation on the “Technicalities of Multiple Treatments” and on “Dose differences according to planning philosophy”. Jeremy Rowe, Consultant Neurosurgeon presented on “The debate of Radiosurgery induced malignancy” and  “Radiosurgery and NF2” with extensive data from a large cohort building on the experience of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals with whom TRCL are working in strategic partnership.

The British Radiosurgery Society was established to bring together interested professionals in order to exchange experiences, stimulate dialogue, and improve outcome in patients who often harbour the most challenging pathological conditions. The Society is open to clinicians (treating or referring), physicists, radiographers, technicians and all other staff who provide these services, as well as to those who do not currently offer such services themselves, but whose patients benefit from SRS/SRT.