Our clinical director, Mr Mathias Radatz, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Ian Paddick (Chief Physicist) and Alex Dimitriadis (Senior Physicist) attended the 19th Leskell Gamma Knife Society meeting held in Dubai (4-8th March) and were joined by colleagues from the Queen Square Gamma Knife Centre. Presentations by the teams from both centres which are owned and operated by Medical Equipment Solutions Ltd included:-

  • Body dose and the risk of secondary malignancy post intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery: how safe if the Perfexion Gamma Knife in comparison to other radiosurgery platforms?-Ian Paddick
  • Gamma Knife treatment of cerebral metastases at different prescription isodoses – Cornel Tancu
  • A randomised clinical trial of the 4mm vs the 8mm collimator for GKR of brain mciro metastases: interim analysis – Ian Paddick
  • Planning of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery (GKR) for brain arteriovenous malformations using triple magnetic resonance angiography (triple-mra) – Alvaro Rojas Villabona
  • A novel index for assessing radiosurgery treatment plan quality – Alex Dimitriadis
  • Imaging QA – Ian Paddick
  • The Case For Using Conventional Radiobiology Principles in Radiosurgery – Ian Paddick
  • Gamma Knife capsulotomy: analysis of 105 treatments from  nine centres – Ian Paddick

Presentation slides are available to LGKS members on the society website. 

Ian Paddick, Chief Physicist presenting at the LGKS meeting in Dubai