How to the referred for treatment to The Thornbury Gamma Knife Centre

NHS Patients

For NHS referrals we work in partnership with The National Centre for Stereotactic Radiosugery, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. All NHS referrals should be made  by your GP or consultant and sent to The National Centre for Stereotactic Radiosugery (further information for referrers can be found here). All referrals are administered centrally and reviewed by a Stereotactic multi-disciplinary team, which includes Neurosurgical Consultants, Oncologist, Neuro Radiologists, Physicists and Specialist Radiographers. Dependent on your diagnosis you may be treated at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital or at the BMI Thornbury Hospital.

Private Patients

If you would like to be treated as a private Gamma Knife patient  you need to discuss this with your specialist and or GP and your referral must come from them. If they feel it is appropriate they will refer you. Your case will then be considered in detail by a multi-disciplinary team of experts to decide if Gamma Knife treatment is suitable for you. Below are step by step instructions on how to be referred for treatment:-

Should you require additional advice and information on how to be referred for Gamma Knife therapy please contact us.

  • Step 1: Ask your GP or consultant if your condition is appropriate for Gamma Knife therapy.
  • Step 2: If Gamma Knife is an appropriate treatment option for your condition, ask your GP or consultant for a referral to The Thornbury Gamma Knife Centre.
  • Step 3: Ask your GP or consultant to complete the Gamma Knife referral forms available here or to write a referral letter.

If you have any questions please contact us.